Executive Strategic Behaviors have a 5x multiplier effect on Return on Assets, achieve 26% higher employee engagement on their teams, and effectively lower corporate risk (KRW Research Institute).

Paragon Performance is our proprietary product, based on 15 years of research in more than 100 companies. To reach and maintain market leadership, leading organizations constantly adapt and innovate. Many consulting initiatives produce end results that are outdated the moment they are implemented.

Paragon Performance institutes a set of strategic disciplines that result in a learning organization that is capable of market leadership in a constantly changing environment.

"This is not a training program, it is a set of implementable strategic disciplines."

The vast majority of business consultancies can help companies manage the Physical-Organizational and most of the Intellectual arenas. But this very limited approach provides an ultimately incomplete intervention. By addressing only these arenas, companies often believe that they have improved enough to attain and retain market leadership. But it simply isn’t true.

Arie de Geus’ The Living Company studied the world’s 30 oldest companies to reveal 4 common traits:

  1. Fiscal Conservatism
  2. Market Response
  3. Community Identity and Commitment
  4. Capacity to Learn and Change

Yet with this research in hand, still most companies are content to concentrate their organizational change initiatives on only the top two of these four traits.

This is why we developed Paragon Performance. Paragon Performance is a set of strategic executive and organizational disciplines that are already present in market leading companies in every major industry. Sustainable success moves beyond restructuring into re-visioning, reviving, revaluing, and reviewing.

The DisciplinesPhysical ArenaIntellectual ArenaEmotional ArenaSpiritual Arena
Executive LeadershipEffective Sleep
Appropriate Food
Adequate Exercise
Competency Inventory
Learning Plan
Career Plan
Emotional Intelligence
Situational Leadership
Executive Coaching
Executive Mindfulness
Legacy Crafting
Organizational CultureFiscal Conservativism
Operational Excellence
Human Capital
Knowledge Stewardship
Market Mastery
Innovation Strategy
Happiness Works
Collaborative Contracting
Stakeholder Mapping
Vision and Mission
Value Driven Strategy
Corporate Social Responsibility


PHYSICALProper sleep, food, and exercise have a direct effect on input seeking behavior and decision making quality.The physical and financial resources, and operational mechanisms of the company, are where most companies seek consultancy.
INTELLECTUALEach manager carries with them an inventory of skills, competencies, and experience. Thriving executive leaders build intentional accountability into their learning disciplines.Company knowledge stewardship disciplines capture and focus the learning organization into market leadership through constant innovation.
EMOTIONALEmotionally intelligent leaders know how and when to connect by being aware and in control of their own behaviors in order to draw out the best in their teams. Effective leaders can choose different strategies for different situations.The emotionally intelligent organization intentionally seeks out and connects with its stakeholders in meaningful and sustainable ways. The happiness of its people is a high value, producing high returns.
SPIRITUALSpirituality in management is the integration of personal purpose and higher meaning into work-life, such that a person sees their work contribution as a piece of their unique identity and personal mission.The spiritual identity of an organization is measured in its tolerance for diversity, inclusiveness, and corporate citizenship. Fortune 500 companies with stronger spirituality have a higher Return on Assets and a higher Net Profit.
13% of companies believe they are excellent at building global leaders (Deloitte University).